Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari
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Welcome to Navsari Agricultural University

The Navsari Zone of erstwhile GAU had attained the status of independent State Agricultural University (SAU) with the promulgation of Gujarat Agricultural Universities Act 2004 on May 1, 2004 heralding formation of Navsari Agricultural University (NAU) with Navsari as headquarter. NAU’s jurisdiction covers seven districts of South Gujarat viz., Narmada, Bharuch, Surat, Tapi, Navsari, Dangs and Valsad. The University has made remarkable growth in its tripartite activities i.e.Education, Research and Extension Education and simultaneously also made tremendous growth in infrastructure and Human Resource Development since its inception.

At thetime of formation of NAU, Navsari on 1st May 2004, University had three colleges viz., N.M. College of Agriculture, Navsari (established in 1965), ASPEE College of Horticulture and College of Forestry (established in 1988).After formation of NAU, other colleges like Aspee Institute of Agri-Business Management (2007), Vanbandhu College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (2008) at Navsari, College of Agriculture at Bharuch and Waghai and Gujarat Agricultural Biotechnology Institute at Surat have been started during the year 2012. Further, the College of Agricultural Engineering at Dediyapada (2013) and College of Fisheries Science (2015) were also established at NAU, Navsari. Thus the number of Colleges/Institutes increased from three (2004) to ten (2015).

NAU has a strong research base through its 25 research stations at 15 different locations, possesses 897.26 ha land including 714.49 ha cultivable landin South Gujarat. The research centers viz., Main Rice Research Station, Main Sugarcane Research Station, Soil & Water Management Research Unit, Regional Horticulture Research Station, Livestock Research Station, Pulse Research Station, Floriculture, Vegetable and Organic farms at Navsari campus, Main Cotton Research Station, Main Sorghum Research Station at Surat, Regional Cotton and Pulse Research Station at Bharuch and Achhaliya, Regional Rice Research Station at Vyara, AES (Horticulture) at Paria, Fruit Research Station at Gandevi, Wheat Research Station at Bardoli, Hill Millet Research Station at Waghai and Niger Research Station at Vanarasi. Further NAU has five verification centers, one each at Tanchha, Hansot, Danti-Umbharat, Mangrol and Dediyapada.

NAU transfers the new agricultural technology through five KrushiVigyanKendras (Waghai, Vyara, Navsari, Dediyapada and Surat), SardarSmruti Kendra (Navsari), Agricultural Technology Information Centre (Navsari), Agriculture Educatorium (Navsari), Advance Training Centre for Soil and Water Management (Navsari), Tribal Women Training Centre (Dediyapada), Vegetable and Fruit Demonstration Scheme for Tribal Upliftment (Pariya) and Demonstration-cum-Training Centre for Inland Fisheries (Navsari). This University also offers short duration certificate courses on Bakery, Agricultural Extension Services for Input dealers, Landscaping and Gardening, Nature and Wild life photography, Turf grass management, Plant tissue culture and Agro ITI for enhancing the skill in rural youths.

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     N. M. College of Agriculture
     Aspee College of Horticulture
     College of Forestry
     Aspee Agribusiness Management Institute
     Vanbandhu College of Veterinary Sci. and Animal Husb.
     College of Fisheries Science, Navsari
     College of Agriculture, Bharuch
     College of Agriculture, Waghai
     College of Agricultural Engineering Dediapada, Narmada
     Aspee Shakilam Biotechnology Institute, Surat
     Polytechnic in Agriculture Bharuch
     Polytechnic in Agriculture Vyara
     Polytechnic in Agriculture, Waghai
     Polytechnic in Horticulture - Navsari
     Polytechnic in Horticulture, Paria
     Polytechnic Agricultural Engineering Dediapada Narmada
     Polytechnic in Animal Husbandry, Navsari

Research Centers
     Main Sugarcan Research Station, Navsari
     Main Cotton Research Station,Surat
     Main Sorghum Research Station, Athwa
     Regional Rice Research Station, Vyara
     Regional Cotton Research Station, Maktampura,Bharuch
     Soil and Water Management Research Unit
     Soil-Science Department
     Agriculture Experimental Station Paria
     Agricultural Research Station, Tanchha
     Agricultural Research Station, Achhalia
     Livestock Research Station, Navsari
     Mega Seed, Pulses and Castor Research Unit, Navsari
     Fruit Research Station, Gandevi
     Wheat Research Station,Bardoli
     Niger Research Station, Vanarasi
     National Agricultural Research Project, Bharuch
     Cotton Wilt Research Sub Station,Hansot
     Agriculture Research Station, Mangarol
     Hill Millet Research Station,Waghai

Extension Centers
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Navsari
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Vyara
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Waghai
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra Dediyapada
     Krushi Vigyan Kendra: Surat
     Agricultural Technology Information Center
     Sardar Smruti Kendra Navsari
     Bakery Training Unit: Navsari
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